LED Test and Measurement Solutions

With over 40 years of experience in developing commercial LED testing instruments, Gamma Scientific is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to provide accurate and reliable results.

Gamma Scientific LED testing systems are built around high performance spectrometers that have been engineered to produce accurate, repeatable measurements in the most demanding production line environments.

With near real-time measurement and powerful analysis software, Gamma Scientific systems are designed to handle 24 hour operation on the production floor. Multiple configurations cover a wide spectral range from ultraviolet to near infrared, and are easily customized to match unique testing requirements.

The Standard in LED Testing Instruments for Over 40 Years

  • Gamma Scientific instruments have been used for LED testing since 1973, when photometers from Gamma Scientific were used by Hewlett Packard to accurately measure optical properties of Red LEDs
  • Gamma Scientific developed the first high-performance, computer controlled spectroradiometers for LED testing
  • Instruments from Gamma Scientific were used in the invention and development of OLEDs
  • Gamma Scientific has been designing integrating spheres since the 1960s
  • The Gamma Scientific Laboratory is accredited by NVLAP (NVLAP Lab Code 200823-0) for Energy Efficient Lighting Products (including LM-79 and LM-80) in accordance with ISO-IEC 17025
  • Gamma Scientific supplies national metrology institutes (NMI’s) with reference detectors that are used as working standards
  • LED test instrument calibration is performed at Gamma Scientific’s accredited laboratory using NIST traceable standards

Spectroradiometers for LED Testing

High-Speed Spectroradiometer Systems

Gamma Scientific offers three models of spectroradiometers for LED testing applications to meet different testing requirements and budgets.

GS-1290 Spectroradiometers

  • Recommended geometry from CIE Pub. No. 127; Condition A & B
  • Exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage
  • Superior wavelength and color accuracy via low thermal expansion coefficient materials
  • Near-real-time measurement
  • High resolution: 0.4 nm/pixel
  • Spectral ranges: 200-780, 260-900 nm, 200-1100 nm, and 360-810 nm
  • USB interface
  • Windows-based control/analysis software
  • NIST-traceable accuracy
  • Self-calibrate (System never has to be returned for calibration)

GS-1220 Spectroradiometers

  • High resolution, temperature cooled-back illuminated 2048 pixel CCD Sensor
  • Exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage
  • Superior wavelength and color accuracy
  • Near-real-time measurement
  • Spectral ranges: 250-900 nm, 360-900 nm, 360-1100 nm
  • NIST-traceable calibration
  • Integrated neutral density filter wheel
  • Hardware input/output trigger
  • Windows based control/analysis software with Excel integration
  • Wide variety of test sockets for many LED types

Integrating Spheres

Custom Configurations for Accurate LED Testing

With over 40 years of experience in designing integrating spheres, Gamma Scientific has the expertise to build custom spheres and sphere systems to meet your testing requirements.

Gamma Scientific Integrating Spheres are available in a wide range of sizes from 25mm to 3m in diameter. Standard configurations are optimized for capturing total flux measurements of LEDs, lamps and luminaires.

All spheres come with either our proprietary polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating or a specially formulated barium-sulfate coating. The PTFE coating gives >99% reflectance over the UV/VIS/NIR region, and is almost perfectly Lambertian.

940 LED-1250 Goniophotometer

Accurate and Repeatable Spatial LED Measurements

Gamma Scientific’s 940 LED-1250 Goniophotometer is designed to analyze angle dependent spatial radiation properties of your LED luminaires, lamps and modules.

With an angular resolution of 0.01˚ the 940 LED-1250 captures highly accurate and repeatable LED measurements. The 940 LED-1250 is in conformity with CIE, DIN and IES standards.

Optical Integrating Tube

Large Integrating Sphere Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

Gamma Scientific’s new optical integrating tube is an affordable alternative for testing your T8 and T12 lamps up to four feet in length.

Proprietary technology ensures that measurements are as accurate as those from a 2 meter integrating sphere, at less than half the price. The table top system is also portable and occupies a much smaller footprint.

When paired with a Gamma Scientific spectrometer and power supply, the integrating tube can capture complete spectral measurements for tube lamps. Integrating tube systems produce accurate and highly-repeatable measurements.

Model S471-LED Optometer

Specially Configured for All of Your LED Measurement Needs

The UDT Model S471-LED handheld optometer is designed for use in a laboratory setting or production environment.

The unit comes standard with a photometric detector and LED holding sockets designed to meet the recommended CIE Publication 127 document on measurements of the luminous intensity (candelas) of LEDs. The sockets accommodate regular, miniature and sub-miniature LEDs and feature a locking flange that snaps firmly into a CIE Condition A or B baffle tube, ensuring precise alignment of the LEDs mechanical axis.

uLED Luminous Intensity Meter

This system combines a high-performance photopic sensor with an intensity adapter and a precision LED socket to provide simple and accurate measurement of luminous intensity in units of candela (cd). The system can easily be configured for either of the CIE-prescribed geometries:

  • Averaged Luminous Intensity – CIE 127 Condition A
  • Averaged Luminous Intensity – CIE 127 Condition B

LED Calibration Light Sources

Spectrally Programmable Digital Uniform Light Sources

Gamma Scientific’s line of calibration light sources combine LEDs with linear programmable drive circuitry and active optical feedback to provide precisely controllable, programmable light output. Eigenlite™ Digital Uniform Light Sources exhibit excellent linearity, repeatability, and long-term stability.

Eigenlite LED Light Sources offer the finest and most versatile controlled light energy technology available. They offer interactive spectral programmability along with NIST-traceable absolute calibrations. Eigenlite™ products save time and money, while reducing the uncertainties associated with the testing and calibration of components and systems.

Gamma Scientific also offers traditional NIST-traceable tungsten-based calibration sources.

NVLAP Accredited Laboratory Testing

The Gamma Scientific in-house laboratory has been accredited by NVLAP under the Energy Efficient Lighting Products Program.

Accreditation includes LM-79 accreditation for Solid State Lighting Luminaires – Total Flux Measurements (Luminous Efficacy) and Solid State Lighting Luminaires –Luminous Intensity Measurements.