The SLS 9400 colorimeter from UDT Instruments, a Gamma Scientific Company, has set new standards for display testing accuracy, portability and affordability. We have compiled 11 reasons that you should consider upgrading today.


  1. Dual LCD/CRT Measurement Capability– Eliminates the need to purchase two different, costly instruments. This colorimeter provides superior accuracy and flexibility.
  2. Laboratory Grade Accuracy– Calibrated to NIST-traceable standards for thousands less than competitive colorimeters.
  3. Portability– Ideal for field testing. Hand held, lightweight and battery operated. Operates for over 7 hours on a single charge.
  4. Affordability– Priced significantly less than competitive colorimeters that have less functionality.
  5. Unique Reflectance and Projection Measurement Capability– The only limit is the size of the display and installation. Reflectance measurement size and area to infinity.
  6. Field Calibration– Simple recalibration allows you to create new standards.
  7. Custom Calibration– Available custom calibrations to enhance accuracy.
  8. Contact and Non-Contact Measurement– Solves problems associated with touch screen FPDs.
  9. Rich Graphical Interface– Easy to read, large, backlit LCD display.
  10. No Polarization Correction– Optimized light collection eliminates polarization error from the display.
  11. Quick Integration with Gamma Scientific RadOMA Display Spectroradiometers– The SLS 9400 colorimeter seamlessly integrates with our spectroradiometers for laboratory measurements and QA.

For additional information visit the SLS 9400 Colorimeter product page

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