Flicker Testing Module

  • Many modern energy commission policies at the state level are moving in the direction of public safety and energy efficiency, starting with California. In this state there exists a standard for lighting certification known as Title 24 which governs criteria acceptable for lighting technology. In the latest revision released in 2016, there is a mandate referencing to a new lighting specification appendix titled JA8, and this imposes new requirements for testing including flicker, ambient lifespan, elevated life span and other forms of evaluation.
  • Flicker testing by specification requires the ability to analyze light at a high frequency in order to resolve pulsing as a result of a light being operated. Almost all AC devices pulse optically but fortunately it’s for the most part out of the human eye response which is roughly 30Hz. For thorough flicker analysis, the instrumentation must measure in the 200kHz range, and mathematically be able to determine flicker % modulation using Fourier transformations.
  • Our flicker test module will couple your fixture inside of an integrating sphere either in pendant (4pi) or horizontal (2pi) orientation and will permit spectral analysis as an optional upgrade. For all systems individual or production scale, prices vary on the volume of samples being tested simultaneously. Other applications or measurement configurations are possible as long as light-tight conditions can be maintained. For details, requests or questions contact Gamma Scientific.

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