Gamma Scientific is Testing at Booth 205 During SIL 2014

Gamma Scientific will be performing free tests throughout the show using our laboratory grade spectroradiometers and a 1 meter integrating sphere.

We will measure the spectral properties of your lamp/luminaire and email you a free report after the show.

Limited slots are available, so contact us today to make an appointment 

Gamma Scientific Equipment on Display at Strategies in Light 2014

Visit Gamma Scientific at booth 205 during Strategies in Light 2014 to see demonstrations of our complete LED test equipment line.

Strategies in Light 2014 will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA from February 25-27, 2014.

Spectroradiometers and Spectrometers

As the inventors of the first high-performance, computer-controlled spectroradiometers for LED testing, Gamma Scientific has continued to set the standard in spectroradiometer accuracy and reliability. RadOMA spectroradiometers are trusted by the world’s leading organizations to provide accurate measurements.

Gamma Scientific manufactures three models of spectroradiometers to meet your unique testing requirements and budget.

Integrating Spheres

With over 40 years of experience in designing integrating spheres, Gamma Scientific has the expertise to build custom spheres and sphere systems to meet your testing requirements.

Gamma Scientific Integrating Spheres are available in a wide range of sizes from 25mm to 3m in diameter.

Standard configurations are optimized for capturing total flux measurements of LEDs, lamps and luminaires.

940 LED Goniophotometers

Gamma Scientific’s 940 LED-1200 and 940 LED-1850 Goniophotometers are designed to analyze angle dependent spatial radiation properties of LED luminaires, lamps and modules.

GS-1150 Handheld Spectrophotometers

Gamma Scientific’s new GS-1150 handheld spectrophotometer is a standalone instrument designed for lighting installers, designers and engineers who require accurate, low cost spectral measurements.

The GS-1150 is ideal for the spectral evaluation of LED s, OLEDs, CFLS, displays and traditional lamps. Based on a compact Czerny-Turner design spectrophotometer with a 2048 element linear CCD array, the GS-1150 measures light intensity and color with 0.2nm resolution.

Semi-Automatic LED Wafer Probers

Gamma Scientific’s new semi-automatic LED Wafer Prober performs high-speed electrical and optical testing of LED wafers early in the manufacturing process.


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