Backside-Thinned CCD Detector Technology Enables Millisecond Measurement Speeds And Enhanced Blue-Region Sensitivity

Gamma Scientific announces the GS-1290-X Series, an advanced, high-speed spectroradiometer family that combines the leading-edge sensitivity of backside-thinned CCD detector technology with Gamma Scientific’s industry-renowned RadOMA optoelectrical platform. The GS-1290-X features millisecond measurement speed, exceptional low-light measurement capability and superior blue-light region sensitivity over conventional front-illuminated CCD-based systems. The GS-1290-X is ideally suited for applications including retroreflective-material color measurement, LED color measurement, display measurement and light-source measurement.

GS-1290-X-VFOV_rel“The GS-1290-X represents the state-of-the-art in speed and accuracy in a commercially available spectroradiometer,” said Richard Austin, president of Gamma Scientific. “Measurements that required five or more seconds in the past with photodiode-array or optical multi-channel analyzer (OMA) detector technology can now be performed in a matter of milliseconds – with greater precision and repeatability. In addition, any application that demands high sensitivity in the blue-light region will benefit from this system – its sensitivity is at least a factor of two greater than front-illuminated CCD-based systems. We’ve also optimized the opto-mechanical design for maximum performance in terms of integrated straylight.”

Part of the RadOMA platform family – a durable optoelectrical design proven in hundreds of facilities worldwide – the GS-1290-X shares the same feature-rich functionality as its siblings. This includes three models covering a very wide spectral range from ultraviolet to the near infrared (260 nm to 900 nm, 380 nm to 810 nm or 300 nm to 1100 nm); interchangeable system components for easy customization; Automatic Dynamic Range Optimization that ensures system electrical gains are always set for the best results; USB and ethernet interface; and Gamma Scientific’s powerful 32-bit Light Touch spectral data acquisition and analysis software package.

Moreover, the GS-1290-X is fully self-calibrated; it never has to be returned to the factory for recalibration. This means less downtime for the customer’s lab or QA department. Calibrations are easily performed in seconds using any standard NIST-traceable light source.

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