We are pleased to announce that Gamma Scientific will be showcasing our line of integrating spheres at the upcoming LEDs conference in San Diego, California from October 24th-26th. Since 1961 we have used our expertise to offer the world’s most comprehensive selection of instrumentation for optical radiation measurement. Our products are distinguished by their value, providing unmatched design and quality at competitive prices.

Integrating Sphere Technology and Applications

The integrating sphere is a fundamental optical technology, commonly used in photometry and radiometry, for applications including the test and measurement of light sources (lamps, LEDs, lasers, fiber-optic illuminators), sensors (focal-plane arrays, spectrometers, and camera systems), and material properties (reflectance and transmittance).

Gamma-Scientific-Radoma-and-Integrated-SphereThough specific attributes vary with application, an integrating sphere is generally used to perform the following functions: collection of light – from some type of source; spatial averaging (homogenization); illumination – of a sensor or specimen.

Selecting a Sphere Solution

Gamma Scientific offers a wide range of integrating spheres, as well as complete, pre-configured sphere systems to meet diverse test and measurement requirements. Integrating spheres are available in sizes from 25 mm to 2 m in diameter, with designs optimized for led test and measurement, laser power measurement, fiber-optic testing, photometry and radiometry. Specialized and custom configurations are also available. Popular systems include:

Gamma Scientific 1.5 M Integrated Sphere

Gamma Scientific has also developed a sphere selection chart that provides an overview of the standard integrating sphere components used to assemble these systems, and a preliminary guide to combining spheres with sensors and other components to create a complete, application-specific measurement system.

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