Family Of Spectral-Measurement Systems Increases Speed And Accuracy Of Spectral And Photometric Measurements Of Color Displays


Gamma Scientific recently introduced the GS-125x-VFOV Series, a family of spectral-measurement systems designed to increase the speed and accuracy of spectral and photometric measurement of color displays.

GS-1253-VFOV Display MeasurementAvailable in four models covering the UV to near-infrared, the series offers exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage, superior wavelength and color accuracy via low thermal expansion coefficient materials and near-real-time measurement. The series is also unique in that it provides six different measurement apertures (5°, 2°, 1°, 30’, 20’, 6’) to maximize measurement flexibility and speed.

“The GS-125x-VFOV Series offers faster, more precise quantitative measurement of your display spectra than previously possible,” said Richard Austin, president of Gamma Scientific. “Our exclusive 1024-element optical detector acquires four times more simultaneous spectral elements than other multi-element systems. Also, our exclusive automatic dynamic range optimization ensures the system electrical gains are always set for the best results.”

“The GS-125x-VFOV Series is based on Gamma Scientific’s RadOMA platform, a durable optoelectrical design that’s proven in hundreds of production lines worldwide,” Austin continued. “Combined with the high-tech advantages of multi-element arrays, we’ve managed to achieve this level of performance while keeping prices competitive.”

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