The GS-940-7X Robotic Display-Measurement Goniometer is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to perform high-accuracy angular measurements of large-area CRT, LCD and plasma screens.

Speed, Accuracy, Robustness

Leveraging proven robotic automation technology, the GS-940-7X features a six-axis goniometric arm/detector combination that rapidly scans large-screen displays from any number of user-specified angles. This includes the measurement of steep angles, which no other measurement system can perform. The GS-940-7X Goniometer combines unprecedented speed with the precision of a Gamma Scientific High Speed Spectroradiometer, yet is still tough enough to withstand the rigors of 24/7 operation in production environments.

Since the display never moves, this goniometer is ideal for testing larger monitors and displays. It can also test multiple production lines and up to four displays at once. The GS-940-7X automatically determines display alignment, allowing for precise angular measurement and positioning.

Exceptionally Cost Effective

The GS-940-7X Goniometer is priced significantly lower than competing systems. Combined with its blazing fast measurement speed, ability to measure multiple displays at once and easy to share mobility, it’s easy to see how the system can show a quick return on investment.

GS-940-7X Robotic Display Measurement Goniometer Datasheet

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