Compact And Low-Cost Unit Is Designed To Operate With All Gamma Scientific Spectroradiometers, Monochrometers And Photometers

Gamma Scientific, a leading manufacturer of light-measurement instrumentation, has introduced the 940-LED, a compact, low-cost goniometric measurement assembly optimized for fast, accurate angular LED measurement. Compatible with all Gamma Scientific spectroradiometers and photometers, including Gamma’s new GS-1290-X spectroradiometer, the 940-LED is ideally suited for performing color and/or intensity measurements in the lab or on the production line.

The 940-LED’s feature set includes a high-speed USB interface, two automated axes, including an automated axial range that eliminates the extra step of manual LED rotation associated with manual axial-range units and comprehensive, built-in sockets to accommodate a wide variety of LED standards. The device also leverages Gamma Scientific’s leading-edge light-measurement technology to ensure the utmost in speed and accuracy.


“The introduction of the 940-LED attests to Gamma Scientific’s commitment to provide our customers with a full range of advanced light-measurement solutions,” said Eric Nelson, senior physicist and sales manager of Gamma Scientific. “Every effort was made to ensure this is the most accurate, user-friendly system of its kind on the market. In particular, we think users will appreciate the 940-LED’s automated axial range. It eliminates the need to stop the measurement process and rotate the LED to achieve a full hemispheric measurement. Instead, the user simply plugs in the LED, pushes a button, and lets the unit run through its measurement sequence. There’s nothing more to do.”

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