GS-1290-NVIS Dual Stage Cooled Spectroradiometers

RadOMA Dual Stage Cooled CCD Array Spectroradiometers are designed for manufacturers of military displays and other lighted instrumentation used in conjunction with night vision imaging systems (NVIS) that require their products to conform to MIL-STD-3009.

While the MIL-SPEC and competitive systems target a 10:1 signal-to-noise (SNR) measurement ratio, our GS-1290-NVIS spectroradiometers are designed and built to deliver SNR of 100:1 or greater.

This increase in the performance level in the metrology system enables manufacturers to ensure that that their products are fully compliant with the MIL-SPEC, without the downside of unnecessarily failing good product.

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RadOMA CCD Array Spectroradiometers

Our line of RadOMA CCD Array Spectroradiometers provide high accuracy and near perfect repeatability for laboratory use, quality control applications and high speed LED testing.

Multiple models cover UV, Visible and Near-infrared applications.


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  • Measurements down to 0.00015 cd/m2
  • Exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage
  • Near-real-time measurement and high resolution: 0.6 nm/pixel
  • Spectral range 360-930 nm or 360-1100 nm
  • Six aperture RadOMAcam® telescope which projects the actual measurement spot onto the DUT for easy alignment
  • USB 2.0 interface and Windows-based Light Touch NVIS control/analysis software
  • NIST-traceable accuracy
  • Direct Excel export for data and graphs
  • Pass/Fail reporting per MIL specifications
  • Self-calibrated: eliminates cost with downtime
  • Optional X-Y translation stage
  • Zoomable CIE Chromaticity plotting with NVIS type outlines

GS-1290-NVIS Dual Stage Cooled Spectroradiometer Specifications

Detector and Wavelength Specifications
Wavelength Range360-930 nm360-1100 nm
Wavelength Resolution0.6 nm0.9 nm
Half Power Bandwidth10 nm
Wavelength Repeatability0.02 nm
Wavelength AccuracyGreater than 1 nm
Stray Light (HeNe Laser Line)< 1 x 10–4 (can be < 1 x 10–5 with stray-light correction applied)
Polarization Error1Less than 1%
Electrical Resolution16-bit
Measurement Aperture Sizes5, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.33 and 0.1° standard
Viewing SystemRadOMAcam back-projected measuremetn aperture
Lens180 mm Macro Lens
Computer InterfaceUSB 2.0
Control SoftwareLight Touch RadOMA® for Windows®
Height11.8″ (29.9 cm)
Width6″ (15.1 cm)
Length12.1″ (30.8 cm)
Weight10 lbs (4.6 kg)
Sensitivity and Accuracy Chart2
Measuring Aperture0.5°0.3°0.1°
Sensitivity (cd/m2)0.000015 to 36,5000.000022 to 53,6000.00009 to 220,0000.00034 to 829,0000.0016 to 3,900,0000.009 to 21,900,000
Chromaticity Accuracyx,y: ±0.0020 (0.00015-0.05 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0015 (0.05-800 cd/m2)
x: ±0.0015
y: ±0.001 (800-36500 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0025 (0.0002-0.07 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0015 (0.07-1150 cd/m2)
x: ±0.0015
y: ±0.001 (1150-53,600 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0025 (0.0009-0.3 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0015 (0.3-4700 cd/m2)
x: ±0.0015
y: ±0.001 (4,700-220,000 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0025 (0.003-1.1 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0015 (1.1-17,750 cd/m2)
x: ±0.0015
y: ±0.001 (17,750-829,000 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0025 (0.016-5.1 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0015 (5.1-83,500 cd/m2)
x: ±0.0015
y: ±0.001 (83,500-3.9M cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0025 (0.09-29 cd/m2)
x,y: ±0.0015 (29-470,000 cd/m2)
x: ±0.0015
y: ±0.001 (470,000-21.9M cd/m2)
Measurement Spot Size @ 279 mm (11 inches)310.49 mm (0.413”)4.20 mm (0.165”)2.10 mm (0.083”)1.05 mm (0.041”)0.69 mm (0.027”)0.21 mm (0.008”)

1. Measuring 100% linearly polarized light through a Glan-Thompson Prism.
2. Sensitivities are for a 10:1 signal-to-noise ratio based on the percent coefficient of variance measuring the luminance of a CIE Illuminant A source.
3. Tamron 180mm macro 1:3:5.

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