LED Rise/Fall Time Module

  • When power is applied to any device, there is a time delay between the initial switch-on and power activation at the device being turned on. A similar event holds true when you turn a device off and the current dropping to zero. Being able to consistently determine these coefficients is critical for LED developers or end users who have a time-dependent application for their LEDs.  The system designed by Gamma Scientific manages to coordinate the turning-on of a device and the capture of these time values using super-fast sensor data fed into our proprietary software.
  • One of the challenging issues with proper rise time is to counter the impact that the power supply being used introduces to the measurement. This test module contains a custom electronic design which brings current and voltage to 100% the moment the trigger-on command is issued, allowing the analysis to include only the response time of the LED itself. This allows our system to resolve rise time values of 50 ns or less.

Below is an example of the pass/fail metric in our user interface with measured parameters and plot options demonstrated. The software suite provided in this module is designed for production testing or individual diode evaluation, so the volume of testing can be expanded as needed.

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