Enjoy our favorite stories from the week of February 17, 2012 in lighting, LEDs, optics and physics.












LED Snowboarder Looks Like a Ghost in the Night

Must see video of photographer and filmmaker Jacob Sutton shooting snowboarder William Hughes in an LED suit at night. The LED suit is the only source of light and creates an amazing visual.

What a Scientist Looks Like

Scientific America features the site This is What A Scientist Looks Like that aims to break the “scientist” stereotype for young kids.

Lemnis unwraps LED bulb under $5

Martin LaMonica from CNET details new Lemnis Lighting LED bulbs priced around $5 that are aimed at getting consumers to give LEDs a shot.

Why Don’t Americans Elect Scientists?

John Allen Paulos, a professor of mathematics at Temple University, explores the lack of Scientists and Engineers in American Government.

In Case You Missed It – Recent Gamma Scientific News

Our Wrap-Up from the 2012 Strategies in Light Conference

For those that were unable to attend the conference we added our presentations from the show that discuss comprehensive LED measurement solutions and our NVLAP accredited calibration and testing services.

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