Hope everyone is wrapping up their holiday shopping. Enjoy the links and these excellent LED light towers by jared.




Higgs boson seminar: have physicists found the ‘God particle’?

If you missed the biggest physics news of the week theguardian has an excellent live chat from the announcement.

Dyson $860 LED Desk Lamp Will Run For Almost Forty Years

If you have over $800 to drop on a desk lamp take a look at this model from Jake Dyson. The CSYS LED Task Light is inspired by the design of construction cranes and will run for over 37 years!

Happy 20th Anniversary to Silicon Valley’s First Web Site

Did you know that the first website in Silicon Valley was set-up by a physicist for physicists?

New Energy-Saving Bulbs Are Coming — Here’s How You Find the Right Ones for Your Home

Great chart and info from Noah Horowitz’s Blog that provides options for choosing between halogen incandescents, CFLs and LEDs based on efficiency, lifespan and brightness.

Let There be LED Light, Startup Declares

Arkalumnen Inc. helps smaller manufacturers make the switch from fluorescent to LED efficiently.

In Case You Missed Them – Posts from the Gamma Sci Blog

How to Choose an Integrating Sphere System

If you’re having trouble putting together an integrating sphere system for your LED testing needs take a look at our Integrating Sphere System Selection Chart. We have put together standardized bundles based on testing needs and key specifications.

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