LED Testing Systems

Historically Gamma Scientific has been providing custom light measurement solutions which serve more specialized applications with excellent results. Legacy systems exist in all corners of the globe from the late 20th century and modern solutions find new homes every year since. Over the years, we’ve consolidated some larger measurement projects into concise, effective measurement systems that we can offer customers as stand-alone options to test various phases of lighting development. Each of these test modules includes the instrument, system controller, all peripheral components, and top-level software control tailored for the application.

LED Rise/Fall Time Module

LED manufacturing requires that the response time of any diode to the input electrical supply be determined. Our test module includes a custom electrical delivery system to minimize delays on the power supply side for a true result of diode performance.

Temperature Testing Module

All LEDs commercially available must undergo testing to evaluate how the diode response to environments that are extreme. Our test module typically covers temperature ranges from -25C to +85C and has options for more extreme applications upon request.

Flicker Analysis Module

All light sources must undergo flicker evaluation to ensure that the pulse rates do not exist in the human eye domain. Our flicker module meets exceeds equipment requirements for all forms of flicker evaluation, and these packages take the thinking out of the equation for quick and easy results.

Pulsed-LED Test Module

Medical applications such as oximetry for measuring blood-oxygen levels use LEDs driven at pulsed frequencies. Our test module controls the timing between electrical pulse, LED response, and spectral analysis with a tolerance of ±2 µs for production applications or individual R&D testing.

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