Scientists Invent Paper LEDS

Scientists made a recent breakthrough that uses nanotechnology to apply LED lighting to paper.

The Goal is Mars

In this LA Times interview Elon Musk of SpaceX discusses his desire to go to Mars, the long term goals of SpaceX and many other topics.

LEDS Score Gold at the Olympics

A detailed look at the LED projects surrounding the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

9 Scientists Receive a New Physics Prize

Yuri Milner’s physics award becomes the most lucrative academic prize in the world, with nine recipients winning $3 million each.

The Future Design for the Next Generation of LEDs

Scott Watson at LED Inside writes about the continuing evolution of LED lighting design and what the future holds.

Recent News and Posts from Gamma Scientific

What is Photometry?

Photometry is the science concerned with measuring human visual response to light. Learn basic photometric concepts, important photometry terms and more with our most recent blog post on photometry.

Retroreflection Measurement

This excerpt taken from The RoadVista Guide to Retroreflectivity discusses the science behind retroreflection measurement, specifically for the highway safety industry. Learn more and download the free guide from

Learn About Light Measurement

We have made eight free, downloadable guides to light measurement available on our site under the Tutorials section. Topics include photometry, radiometry, measuring optical thin film coatings, night vision testing and LED light sources.

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