Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at the Strategies in Light conference this week. We had a great show and look forward to next year! Enjoy our favorite stories from the past week in the world of lighting, LEDs, optical testing and physics.














Audi’s LED headlights are key feature in Super Bowl ad

Audi’s Super Bowl ad, which aired during the first quarter of the game, demonstrated the distinct LED headlight design used on its automobiles.

LED Super Showdown 2012

Solid State Magazine gives a preview of what’s been announced in the general illumination (lighting) business recently.

Dialight Releases New 17,000 Lumen DuroSite® LED High Bay Fixture

Dialight has recently added new LED High Bay luminaires which offer lumen outputs ranging from 8,000 to 17,000.

LED lighting penetration rate to reach 10% in 2014

The current LED lighting penetration rate of 3% is expected to reach 10% in the next two years.

In Case You Missed It – Recent Gamma Scientific News

Gamma Scientific Introduces New Spectrometer for Quick and Easy LED Testing

We are excited to announce a low-cost spectrometer to provide quick and accurate testing for LEDs. The RadOMA Lite is a high-performance, linear CCD array spectrometer designed to test LED intensity and total flux.

Gamma Scientific is Hiring!

If you are interested in solving complex technical problems and have a passion for Physics, Optics or Engineering take a look at our open positions. We are currently hiring a Calibration Laboratory Manager, Mechanical Engineer/Designer and Systems Scientist.

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