It was a relatively slow news week, so enjoy an abbreviated list of links and this light painting from Joseph.Joy.C’s Photostream. Happy New Year to everyone!











The Future of LEDs as American Light Bulbs

Surveys show that American consumers are considering price, energy and lifespan when purchasing lights. While LED usage is still relatively low, consumer priorities suggest that the LED market will continue to grow.

3 reasons politics won’t kill the lighting efficiency movement

“Fundamentally, research shows at least two-thirds of Americans support the broad lighting-efficiency standards set to take effect Jan. 1, 2012.”

Bridgelux Expects a Promising Future in LED Lighting Market

Bill Watkins, Bridgelux’s CEO, announced that “Bridgelux is well positioned to meet rising demand.”

In Case You Missed Them – Posts from the Gamma Sci Blog

Increase Your ROI with Gamma Scientific Test Solutions

A brief overview of how Gamma Scientific LED testing solutions can save you time and money.

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