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Ninth-Grader Recreates the Universe — To Scale

Ninth-grader Cary Huang has set out to make relative sizes in the universe a little more relatable with an online scale model of the universe.

Tabber Adds An LED Light Show To Any Guitar

Kickstarter project that adds an LED light show to your guitar and allows you to learn to play by following the lights on the fretboard. Check out the video.

‘Faster than light’ measurement blamed on loose cable

New developments in the measurement of subatomic particles travelling faster than light, contrary to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

LED Bulb Price Dipped Sharply in 12’Jan, 40W Equivalent LED Bulb Price Dropped below US$10

LEDinside reports that LED bulb prices continue to fall dramatically.

Gamma Scientific News

New LED Phosphor Spectroradiometer

Our newest product, the Gamma Scientific Bi-Spectral Fluorescence Spectroradiometer, takes precise measurements throughout the UV, visible and near IR spectrum to quickly obtain detailed fluorescence data for samples, including LED phosphors. The system is able to simultaneously measure reflectance, transmittance and absorption while utilizing dual, calibrated integrating spheres to measure total flux.

Gamma Scientific on Tumblr

If you’re looking for quick info check out our new Gamma Scientific tumblr for videos, photos and links.

We Proudly Manufacture in California

We are excited to be recognized as a California manufacturer.

Our Wrap-Up from the 2012 Strategies in Light Conference

For those that were unable to attend the conference we added our presentations from the show that discuss comprehensive LED measurement solutions and our NVLAP accredited calibration and testing services.

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