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Spectroradiometer and Integrating Sphere Demonstration

Innovative Lytro camera lets you shoot first, focus later

Lytro is preparing to release their new camera that captures light in every direction and point of space. This allows you to take pictures and focus them later.

5 Myths On LED Lighting

Excellent guest post on Forbes written by Bill Watkins (CEO of Bridgelux) and Rob Praske (Founder/CEO of Anycomm) which dispels some of the most common myths about LED lighting.

LED Lamp Transforms Wind Into Whirling Light

British inventor Tom Lawton has created an LED lamp that does not require batteries or a power supply and transforms wind into light.

Top 10 LED manufacturers in 2011

ElectorIQ lists the top 10 LED suppliers from 2011 and discusses the shifting regional dominance in the market.

Gamma Scientific News

New Spectroradiometer for Fluorescence and LED Phosphor Testing

This week we officially announced our newest spectroradiometer that is specifically designed to measure fluorescence. The Bi-Spectral Fluorescence Spectroradiometer tests LED phosphor composition, fluorescent and reflective materials. The system is designed to lower costs for manufacturers by providing detailed fluorescence data to maximize performance.

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