Near Eye Display Testing

The Gamma Scientific Near Eye Display (GS‐1290 NED) measurement system is designed to accurately capture spectral measurements of Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Helmet mounted displays as viewed by the human eye.


Modular Design Controlled by Programmable Software

Detector (Spectroradiometer, Focusing Telescope, flicker, etc.)

Optional RS‐7 Programmable LED Source for Transmission Measurements

NED Display Test Software

RadOMA Cam side view with Epson BT200



Pattern Generator Software



Unique Near Eye Display Telescope design – compact with small entrance pupil that fits within the design eyebox

  • NED Telescope is compact enough to point in different directions keeping the entrance pupil centered on the design eye box point.
  • Selectable field of view apertures from 5 to 0.1 degree allows for measurement of small features in the virtual image
  • Can be easily positioned for left and right eye measurements


Data Sheet (PDF)

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White Paper (PDF)

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