The NVG-4040 Measures NVIS-A, NVIS-B And NVIS-C Radiance In Conformance With MIL-L-85762A And MIL-STD-3009

Gamma Scientific, a leading manufacturer of light-measurement instrumentation, introduces the NVG-4040, an advanced spot radiometer for night-vision device measurement. Unique to the NVG-4040 is its ability to perform NVIS-A, NVIS-B and NVIS-C radiance measurements (competing systems measure only NVIS-A and NVIS-B radiance). In addition, the NVG-4040 is optimized for a full range of photopic measurements. Lightweight, portable and cost-effective, this feature-rich unit conforms to MIL-L-85762A and MIL-STD-3009, and is ideally suited for measuring displays and instrument panels used with night-vision goggles.

NVG-4040-NVISFeatures include six user-adjustable measurement apertures (5°, 2°, 1°, 0.5°, 0.33° and 0.1°) an NVIS-compatible touch screen, a threshold-detection alarm that sounds when a reading exceeds the maximum NR-units value set by the user, a fully automated USB interface for remote computer control and an internal calibration source. The instrument comes standard with a 50-mm macro lens; a full range of optional lenses is available.

“The NVG-4040 takes night-vision spot-radiometer performance to a new level,” said Eric Nelson, senior physicist and sales manager with Gamma Scientific. “Not only is it the only spot radiometer on the market capable of NVIS-A, NVIS-B and NVIS-C radiance measurements, it also leverages the state-of-the-art technology and electronics of our flagship NVG-2020 Night Vision Radiometer. The NVG-2020 was developed under contract from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is the most sensitive primary-standard, night-vision measurement instrument on the market today.”

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