SynthiColor™ Software And RS-5B Digital Light Source Form An Integrated Spectral Programming And Generation System

Gamma Scientific, a leading manufacturer of light-measurement instrumentation, today introduced SynthiColor™, a sophisticated software program that equips the Gamma Scientific RS-5B spectrally programmable light source with easy-to-use interactive programmability and control.

SynthiColor harnesses the RS-5B’s extensive spectral and colorimetric capabilities into a single, fully interactive, Windows® application. The software provides spectral synthesis, data handling and storage, spectral and colorimetric metrics, as well as high-speed, matrix-optimization routines – all with single point-and-click simplicity that is both real-time and interactive. A comprehensive range of highly accurate electro-optical measurements can be performed in minutes.

With SynthiColor it’s easy to create user-defined spectrums, colors, and illuminants. Spectrums can be created via simple Windows slider controls, or by importing user-defined spectral data. Spectrums can be saved, recalled, displayed and quantified with regard to their spectral and colorimetric characteristics. Individual spectral profiles can be imported, matched and displayed using adjustable matching and illuminant criteria.

SynthiColor enables the user to easily emulate a full range of natural or man-made illuminants such as sunlight, lamps and other emissive materials. The user can also create unusual spectral profiles not possible with ordinary lamps and produce colors using calibrated radiometric and/or photometric power levels. Moreover, spectral and/or colorimetric characteristics can be adjusted while maintaining constant radiometric or photometric power. The software communicates directly with any RS-5B source connected to the serial port of a host PC.

The RS-5B next-generation spectrally programmable digital light source provides a versatile way to characterize the linearity and sensitivity of CCD and CMOS cameras, components and sensors. The system delivers near-perfect linearity and uniformity, giving the camera or sensor engineer/manufacturer an unparalleled foundation with which to verify the quality and consistency of products.

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