5000 FEL 1000-Watt Lamp Source

Gamma Scientific’s Model 5000 FEL 1000-Watt Lamp Standard provides absolute calibration of spectral irradiance from 250 nm to 2.4 microns.

This tungsten-halogen lamp standard bears the ANSI designation of FEL. It is calibrated to the 2000 NIST spectral irradiance scale.

The 5000-16C Lamp Standard is a bi-pin 1000 watt lamp that is adapted by Gamma Scientific into a bi-post configuration. It is used in conjunction with the 5000-18 Lamp Holder and 5000-17 Lamp Alignment Jig to obtain a higher degree of accuracy as a result of improved alignment reproducibility.

The 5000 FEL Lamp comes in two models. The Model 5000-16C is calibrated, while the Model 5000-16A is uncalibrated.

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  • Quartz halogen, ANSI Type FEL, 1000-watt lamp
  • 1.0-8.3 amp operating current
  • Spectral irradiance, 193 tabulated points consisting of 34 direct transfer points and 159 derived points
  • Spectral irradiance uncertainties (NIST standards): ±0.8 from 450-1600 nm, widening to ±1.94% at 250nm and to ±5% at 2400 nm (refer to NIST Technical Note 262)
  • 250 to 2400 nm spectral range
  • Estimated accuracy of illuminance and luminous intensity is ±3%
  • Estimated accuracy of chromaticity coordinates is ±0.2%
  • Estimated accuracy of correlated color temperature (CCT) is ±5°K

NIST Traceable Calibration

Lamp calibration is directly traceable to NIST by incorporation of two NIST spectral irradiance scales. The new, more accurate 1973 NIST scale is used in the spectral region of 250 to 1600 nanometers. The NIST-specified uncertainty is approximately 2% at 250 nm, decreases to 1% at 450 nm and becomes less than 1% up to 1600 nm.

The precise techniques of transfer calibration at Gamma Scientific result in estimated accuracies for the 5000-16C lamp standard of 2.4% at 250 nm, 1.8% at 450 nm and 1.5% over the range from 555 to 1600 nm. The 1965 NIST scale of spectral irradiance is used over the spectral range from 1700 to 2400 nanometers. The NIST uncertainty over this wavelength region is approximately 3%. No appreciable degradation of accuracy occurs as a result of the Gamma Scientific transfer calibration process.

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System Components

Model 5000-17 Lamp Alignment Jig

The Model 5000-17 lamp alignment jig is used to align the 5000-18 lamp holder with respect to the optical axis of the instrumentation to be calibrated. It consists of a rod-mounted piece of plane glass that contains intersection scribe marks. These marks are precisely positioned (±0.0005 inch) with respect to the bottom of the medium bi-post base.

A helium-neon laser is used with the 5000-17 and 5000-18 to achieve a high precision of optical axis alignment. It is estimated that this improved mechanical alignment of the lamp holder and the lamp standard results in a reproducibility of lamp output of 0.3%.

Model 5000-18 Lamp Holder

The Model 5000-18 lamp holder is based upon the original NIST design as described in NIST tech Note 594-2. Its kinematic design permits precise positioning and repositioning of the lamp standard when used with the 5000-17 lamp alignment jig.

Once alignment of the lamp holder is achieved, lamps can be readily interchanged with minimal loss of accuracy. The positioning surfaces consist of one “V-shaped” contact and one “tongue” contact that work with the spring loaded cylinders to precisely secure the lamp bi-posts.

An adapter baseplate permits the lamp holder to be mounted directly into Gamma Scientific’s Model 5000-6 lamp housing. This adaptor can simply be removed from the lamp holder in applications which do not require the 5000-6 lamp housing.

Model 5000-6 Lamp Housing

  • Compact and portable lamp housing to shield the 1000-watt lamp from users
  • Eliminates stray light from room reflection
  • Proprietary thermal exhaust design and integrated fans maintain constant working temperature for the lamp
  • Integrated elapsed time meter to track lamp usage

Model 5000-6B Precision Shunt Box

  • High precision dual shunt circuit for monitoring of lamp current
  • Lamp current is monitored using an external 6.5 digit voltmeter
  • NIST traceable calibration

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