With over 50 years of experience in developing light measurement instruments, Gamma Scientific is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to provide accurate and reliable results.

Gamma Scientific manufactures laboratory grade colorimeters with dual LCD/CRT measurement capability.

A portable, lightweight design that does not require external power or a separate computer makes our colorimeters ideal for calibrating any type of display, including LEDs, LCDs, plasmas, video walls and projection screens.

Tri-Stimulus Colorimeters from Gamma Scientific make it easy to capture color accuracy, uniformity of brightness and white balance.


SLS-9400 Tri-Stimulus Colorimeter

The SLS-9400 Tri-Stimulus Colorimeter is the first handheld colorimeter to provide laboratory grade accuracy and precision at an affordable price.

The SLS 9400 tri-stimulus colorimeter consists of a color sensor and a handheld display unit. The color sensor utilizes four extremely stable colored glass filters in conjunction with high quality silicon photodiodes. The resulting response of this combination accurately replicates the CIE standard observer (tristimulus) functions. This allows the system’s performance to be independent of the phosphor set under test. The colorimeter compensates for any scan rate and works for all types of displays, including LCD, LED, CRT, Projection, and HDTV. The detector head is housed in an ergonomically-designed package with a nonslip scalloped grip. It is completely non-contact and polarization decoupled. A standard 1/4-20 post mount is included for added mounting convenience.

The display unit is extremely simple to operate. All operations are performed by clearly-marked menu selections. Measurements may be displayed in graphical mode (RGB) or in numerical mode with your choice of CIE color values displayed: {x y Y}, {u’ v’ Y}, or {X Y Z}. Color difference (Delta E) and correlated color temperature (CCT) are also displayed in numerical mode. The back-lit graphics display allows for large, easy-to-read digits. The SLS 9400 can be operated with one hand, leaving the other free to perform any required monitor adjustments. Its ergonomic design allows the unit to rest firmly on a table top. The tilted display and anti-reflection coated window guarantee high contrast and low glare. If measurements require low ambient light levels, simply turn on the integral backlight. A standard RS-232 interface is included to allow the SLS 9400 to be controlled via computer. The SLS 9400 is also fully integrated with leading commercially available display calibration software packages. The external battery charger connects to the side of the unit for easy recharging.

Colorimeter Applications

Display Manufacturing: Production line quality control; Incoming inspection of Displays for TV and computer manufacturers. Accurately calibrates Plasma, LCD, LED, Projection, both front and back projected, LCOS, DLP, CRT, and virtually any other display type in the market.

Broadcast Industry: Allows technicians to measure and calibrate video walls for color accuracy, uniformity of brightness, and white balance.

Graphic Design, Computer Animation: Anyone who depends upon color accuracy in their display will find the SLS 9400 an invaluable tool.

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The Gamma Scientific Approach

Our Engineering team includes optical, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, who bring their expertise and experience to bear on your light measurement problems. We pride ourselves on a consultative and collaborative relationship with our customers, seeking to understand your needs up-front, and to deliver a solution which meets or exceeds your expectations. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we will work closely with you at every step in the development process.

  • Consultation- to clearly understand your needs
  • Specification- to precisely define your formal requirements
  • Design and Build- to meet or exceed all requirements
  • Test and Verify- system compliance with all specifications
  • Deliver- on time, and within budget
  • Install and Train- to integrate the new system into your facility
  • Service and Support- to ensure long-term success and satisfaction