RS-15 Flux Calibration Light Source

Gamma Scientific’s RS-15 total flux calibration light source is a precision source of total radiant flux, used primarily to calibrate integrating spheres, light measuring instrumentation and as stimuli to measure detection devices. Lamps are available from 5W-75W.

The RS-15 source may be used as a standard of spectral radiant flux or luminous flux, traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST).

To maintain almost constant radiant flux output, the RS-15 utilizes a tungsten halogen lamp. To power the source, the model RS-4, ultra-stable constant-current supply utilizes precision shunt current measurement and comparison circuits built into the source.

The RS-15-G4 Kelvin socket assembly is recommended with our RS-15 lamps. The use of the four wire socket with a separate current supply lead contact and sense lead contact for each lamp pin assures the low uncertainty reproduction of the lamp power conditions during the time of calibration, ensuring the highest accuracy possible.

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  • NIST Standards of irradiance uncertainty: +/- 2.5%
  • Calibrated wavelength range: 300-1100nm @ 5nm interval
  • Calibration reports in lumens, Watts and Watts per nanometer
  • Tungsten halogen lamp for stable output
  • NIST-traceable calibration (12 month calibration cycle)
  • Integrating Sphere, Spectroradiometer, Photometer and Radiometer calibration
  • LED/SSL testing
  • CCFL measurements
  • Total flux measurements
  • Luminaire testing

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