Goniometric Robot with Display Testing

  • Gamma Scientific Robotic Display Measurement Systems combine a six-axis robot and high-performance spectroradiometers for fast, accurate display measurements.
  • Each system is fully customizable to meet your immediate needs, while also offering the flexibility to accommodate future display testing requirements for new technologies.
  • Robotic Display Measurement Systems allow you to replicate real-world applications by keeping the display stationary throughout the measurement process.
  • Our systems provide the capability to quickly and accurately measure curved, flat, 3D and 2D displays of any size or shape.
  • Goniometric and autostereoscopic measurement capabilities are built into the system and an attachment is available for polarizing diagnostics.
  • A highly flexible software platform allows Gamma Scientific to customize the system for your testing requirements.
  • The robotic display measurement system also includes an automatic pattern generator on the screen is built into the software and self-alignment functionality with an ultrasonic distance finder.
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Measurement Capabilities:
  • Brightness
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Color Uniformity
  • Viewing Angle
  • Goniometric Measurements
  • Autostereoscopic Measurements
  • Polarizing Diagnostics
  • Display remains stationary during measurement process – replicating real-world application
  • Six-axis robotic arm and detector combination scans screen from virtually any user-specified angle
  • Quick and easy set-up – readily accommodates any display size, shape and technology
  • Exceptional accuracy and repeatability
  • A single operator can perform comprehensive measurements in minutes

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