InGaAs Sensor

InGaAs Sensor

InGaAs Sensor Head: Model 280

The Model 280 is UDT Instruments Indium-Gallium-Arsenide (InGaAs) sensor. It can be adapted for use with Miniature Series integrating spheres and other accessories.

  • Standard Calibration(s): Watt
  • Aperture diameter (mm): 3
  • Dynamic Range: 1.4E-04 – 2.2E-03 W
  • Calibration Range: 800 – 1750 nm in 10 nm steps
  • Typical Response: 9.5E-01 A/W @1550 nm
  • Features: Dynamic range: -8.5 to +3.5 dBm. Very low noise. Optimal sensor choice for measurement at 1550 nm.
  • Compatible Components: Miniature Series integrating spheres; and Standard series integrating spheres (with Model 1718 step-up adapter)


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