Tunable LED Uniform Light Sources: SpectralLED™

Don’t get bogged down with the complexity of other light sources.

Gamma Scientific’s line of SpectralLED Tunable Uniform Light Sources make previous light source technologies obsolete.

Offering easy spectral simulation capabilities, a high number of unique LED channels, and blindingly bright output power, nothing else on the market compares to the SpectralLED.

And just because it’s easy to use doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance or accuracy. Gamma Scientific’s proprietary spectral calibration techniques and powerful spectral fitting engine allow for unsurpassed precision and repeatability in the output spectrum, all seamlessly integrated into the unit firmware.

Make Light Work For You

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Industry Applications
  • Camera and Image Sensor Calibration (CCD, CMOS, etc.)
  • Ambient Light Sensor Calibration
  • Detector Responsivity
  • OEM Camera Manufacturing
  • Spectrum/Illuminant Simulation
  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging
  • Technical and Industrial Photography
Measurement Applications
  • White Balance
  • Quantum Efficiency
  • Spatial Non-Uniformity
  • Pixel Defects
  • Cross Talk
  • Vignetting Correction
  • Sensitivity
  • Signal-to-Noise
  • Linearity
  • ISO Speed
  • Saturation Exposure
  • Dynamic Range

SpectralLED Model RS-7-1

Standard configuration with 75mm output port, built-in integrating sphere, 35 unique channels, and unlimited spectral possibilities.

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SpectralLED Model RS-7-2

For applications requiring a larger uniform output, this model offers 1-meter integrating sphere with an ultra uniform 300mm output port.

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SpectralLED Model RS-7-3

For applications with tight mechanical space constraints, a fiber optic version is available. This system is custom configured for each customers’s application.

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