TIA-3000 Reference Standard Detector System

The TIA-3000 Measurement Systems are detector-based absolute standards for a variety of high-accuracy measurements. Off-the-shelf configurations include thermo-electrically cooled silicon and indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) detectors.

Options include high-accuracy photometric correction filters (f1’ ~0.8%), flat-response filters, trap detectors and ANVIS-compatibility filters with field-of-view lenses making the TIA-3000 the standard for any light measurement requirement.

Standard calibrations, directly traceable to NIST, are available for any configuration of the TIA-3000 from Gamma Scientific’s world-renowned standards lab.

The heart of the TIA-3000 is its transimpedance amplifier. The state-of-the-art design of the transimpedance amplifier allows for extremely low dark-current levels (3 femptoamps, 3×10 -15 amps, at room temperature with the silicon detector) and excellent stability.

This stability and sensitivity is 10 times more sensitive than anything else previously available, making it the ultimate tool for any standards lab.

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  • Temperature-stabilized silicon and InGaAs detectors available covering 200 – 1700 nm
  • Temperature-stabilized correction filters available
  • High-accuracy photopic correction f1’~0.8%
  • ANVIS-compatibility filters and lenses
  • High sensitivity down to 10 -15 Watts or 10 -8 Lux
  • 8 decades of dynamic range
  • 0-to-10-volt output for each decade
  • RS-232 computer control

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TIA-3000 Specifications

Gain1010 to 104 volts/amp
RangeEight decades; automatic or manual dial control
Output0 to 10 VDC for each gain setting
Linearity< 0.25% non-linearity for all ranges
Temperature Variation< 5 ppm (parts-per-million) per degree Celsius
Noise< 20 microvolts on the 1010 range
Frequency Roll-Off< 10 Hz on 1010 range for output > 1 volt
Length (Amplifier)4.15 inches (10.5 cm)
Diameter (Amplifier)2.5 inches (6.4 cm)
Length (TE Cooler Control Box)12 inches (30.5 cm)
Width (TE Cooler Control Box)11.3 inches (28.7 cm)
Height (TE Cooler Control Box)4.5 inches (11.4 cm)
Temperature StabilityShort term (1 hr) <0.001 °C, long term (24 hr) < 0.003°C
Bipolar Output Current+ 1.5 amp max
Maximum TEC Output Power12 watts
Power100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

* Specifications obtained from independent third party testing laboratory

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