GS-1150 Handheld Spectrophotometer for Light Measurement

Gamma Scientific’s new GS-1150 handheld spectrophotometer is a stand-alone instrument designed for lighting installers, designers and engineers who require accurate, low cost spectral measurements.

The GS-1150 is ideal for the spectral evaluation of LEDs, OLEDs, CFLS, displays and traditional lamps.

Based on a compact Czerny-Turner design spectrophotometer with a 2048 element linear CCD array, the GS-1150 measures light intensity and color with 0.2nm resolution.

The GS-1150 spectrophotometer features a full-color, LCD touch-screen display and Android based software for intuitive operation.

The battery powered instrument is ideal for both laboratory and field use. Up to 500,000 files can be stored in the GS-1150 and quickly exported to Excel.

Powerful Measurement Capabilities

  • CRI (color rendering index)
  • Illuminance/Lux
  • Spectral Irradiance
  • CIE 1931 x, y coordinates
  • CIE 1976 UCS uv coordinates
  • Peak Wavelength
  • Dominant Wavelength
  • CCT (correlated color temperature)

GS-1150 Handheld Spectrophotometer Specifications

Detector TypeSony linear CCD array sensor, 2048 pixel spectrometer, 29mm integrating sphere as light entrance port
Cosine Receptor Diameter6.6 ± 0.1 mm (0.260 ± 0.004 inch)
Measurement Range50 lx – 50,000 lx
Wavelength Range380 – 780 nm (360-950 nm upon request)
Exposure Time Range10 – 4000 ms
Capture ModeSingle/Continuous
Integrating ModeAuto
Measuring CapabilitiesCRI (Color Rendering Index); Ra (Rendering Average) - Illuminance/Lux - Spectral Irradiance - CIE Chromaticity Coordinates - CIE 1931 x,y coordinates - CIE 1976 UCS u’,v’ coordinates - Peak Wavelength - Dominant Wavelength - CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) - SDCM (Standard Deviation of Color Matching)
Digital Resolution16 bits
Dark CalibrationAuto
Stray Light0.001%
Wavelength Data Increment 0.5 nm
Wavelength Data Accuracy± 0.3 nm
FWHM1 nm
Illuminance Accuracy± 1% / ± 4%
Color Accuracy ± 0.003%
Color Repeatability± 0.002%
CCT Accuracy± 1% / ± 2%
CRI Accuracy @ Ra± 0.8% / ± 1.5%
Display4.3″ LCD Touch Panel
Max. file storageUp to 500,000 files
Battery Operation TimeUp to 3 hours continuous use
Battery3500 mAh / Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Date Output Interfacemini-USB 2.0
Data FormatMicrosoft Excel compatible
Weight660 g (1.45 lbs)
Size200mm L x 92mm W x 30mm H (7.87” L x 3.63” W x 1.18” H)
Operating Temp. Range0 – 35° C (32 – 95° F)



GS-1150 Spectrophotometer Presentation