TRAMP Transimpedance Amplifier

The UDT Tramp is a transimpedance amplifier (current-to-voltage) instrument which provides a low input impedance to accurately measure the short circuit current of phototransducers such as silicon and germanium photodetectors, vacuum photodiodes and photomultiplier tubes.

This model provides multiple gain selection and utilizes a common BNC connector for input and output connections for user convenience. A voltmeter, oscilloscope, chart recorder or any other voltage sensitive instrument may be used to monitor the amplifier output.

  • Very low noise
  • Eight decades of gain ranging between 103 and 1010
  • Remote computer control using data acquisition interface (digital input/output, analog output)
  • Integral NiCad battery pack with normal and trickle charge modes
  • Line powered operation using transformer supplied
  • Output scaling to interface to chart recorders and other equipment
  • Optimal measurement range indicator
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The TRAMP transimpedance amplifier has been specifically designed as a low cost, lab quality instrument to interface silicon photodiodes to a variety of measurement equipment.

  • Laboratory research
  • OEM manufacturers
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Laser pulse measurement
  • Educational
  • Detector interface: any type of photo current producing detector in the photovoltaic mode (silicon, germanium, GaAsP, InGaAs)

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