RoadVista 922 Handheld Retroreflectometer












In addition to making solutions for LED testing, display testing and light measurement, Gamma Scientific has also developed handheld reflectometers under the RoadVista brand. RoadVista produces a comprehensive line of highway safety measurement products, to cover nearly every retroreflection measurement application.

Model 922 Handheld Sign Reflectometer

The 922 reflectometer has been designed to capture measurements for any type of retroreflective material. Specifically tailored for use in the field, the 922 allows you to instantly capture how bright a sign will appear.

The RoadVista 922 has also been configured to comply with MUTCD minimum retroreflectivty requirements. To comply with new ASTM specification that requires measurements to be performed at an observation angle of .5 degrees, the 922 retroreflectometer is the ideal solution. The 922 takes simultaneous measurements from observation angles of 0.2 and 0.5 degrees. In addition, the utilization of ASTM standard annular geometery means that for prismatic materials you will only take an average of two measurements, further simplifying the testing process.


  • Measures signs to ensure compliance with the new MUTCD minimum retroreflectivity requirements
  • Meets ASTM, CIE & DIN specifications
  • Simultaneous measurement of dual observation angles (0.2° and 0.5°)
  • Produces measurements in less than one second
  • Self-contained commercially available battery and built-in GPS
  • Made in the USA
  • US Patent # 7,961,328

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