Six-Axis Robotic Arm/Detector Combination Scans Large Screens From Virtually Any User-Specified Angle

Gamma Scientific, a leading manufacturer of light-measurement instrumentation, today announced the GS-940-7X, a revolutionary robotic display-measurement system designed for angular measurement of large-area CRT, LCD and plasma screens. Unlike conventional goniometric measurement assemblies that continually rotate a display to perform angular measurement, the GS-940-7X employs a six-axis robotic arm/detector assembly that scans the display from virtually any user-specified angle. This way, the display remains stationary throughout the measurement process – replicating real-world application – and enables the user to make exceptionally fast, accurate and repeatable angular measurements – all with 70-µm accuracy.

“The era of the large display has arrived, and it’s demanding a fresh approach to angular measurement,” said Eric Nelson, senior physicist and sales manager with Gamma Scientific.40-7X-Goniospectroradiometer1 “It is not practical to rotate a gigantic display on a goniometric measurement assembly – it’s cumbersome, hard to set up, doesn’t replicate reality and ultimately, yields less accurate results. In contrast, the GS-940-7X provides a convenient, one-size-fits-all solution – the instrument readily accommodates any display size, shape and technology. The user simply rolls the GS-940-7X into position, keys in a few measurement parameters via the accompanying computer, and lets the instrument run through its measurement routines.”

“The GS-940-7X is also a more cost-effective alternative,” Nelson continued. “Not only is it priced lower than competing goniometric-assembly solutions, it requires less time and manpower to operate. Measurement-sequence macros are easy to generate via a user-friendly, 32-bit graphics interface and a single operator can perform a full range of comprehensive measurements in minutes.”

Extensively field-tested – one unit has shipped to a Pacific Rim customer – the GS-940-7X consists of a precision six-axis robot with full reach up to 1.2 meters, the new Gamma Scientific GS-1290-X Series CCD-array spectroradiometer, display-mounting framework and fully programmable software to create a near infinite number of measurement sequences. Different sized robots are available to meet any need and budget.

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