Thin Film Measurements

The Gamma Scientific laboratory uses multiple-angle reflectometry and other spectroscopic methods to measure film properties. Film thickness can be measured for single or multi-layer films. Refractive index (n) can be measured for films and substrates. Application areas include glass coatings, photovoltaic coatings, protective coatings, semiconductors, and more.

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  • Thicknesses can commonly be measured for up to 10 layers or more.
  • Measurable layers range between 0.1nm to 50nm for metals, and 10nm to 5μm for other materials./li>
  • Accuracy is typically ±1% both for thickness and for refractive index.
  • If transparent, substrates should ideally be 0.5mm or thicker.
  • A wide variety of materials are measureable, using our extensive material library and advanced modeling.

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