Visit Gamma Scientific in booth 919 during SVC TechCon on April 28th and 29th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

We will be demonstrating our Thin Film Measurement Systems which allow you to complete your inspections faster and maximize production line uptime.

Isolated First Surface Thin Film Measurement Systems for High Volume Testing


Gamma Scientific’s proprietary technology enables manufacturers to perform non-destructive, first surface spectral gonioreflectance measurements on transparent substrates.

Controlled optical geometry and industry leading spectroradiometer performance provide fast, precise measurements of first surface reflection while eliminating the second surface.

High Performance Reflection and Transmission Testing

Our systems capture complete spectral and colorimetric properties of thin film coatings with scan times typically less than one second.

Measure Film Thickness and Complex Refractive Index

  • Accommodates multi-layer film stacks 1nm to 10μm thick, depending on application details
  • Large, easily extendable library of materials
  • Fast, flexible modeling and user interface
  • 380nm-830nm wavelength range, other options available

Custom Solutions for High Volume Production Environments

We currently have dozens of automated systems successfully integrated with high volume production lines around the world.

Maximize Your Production Throughput

Our Thin Film Measurement Systems provide a number of unique features that will allow you to complete your inspections faster and maximize production line uptime.

When taking spectral gonioreflectance measurements our systems block the bottom surface reflection on transparent substrates. This saves you time by measuring just the first surface reflection, without having to cut samples and blacken or coarse grind the back side to test.

Our thin film measurement systems also excel in high volume testing applications where speed is crucial to your business. Our systems feature industry leading spectroradiometer performance, fast algorithms and well designed mechanics and optics.


Testing Applications

  • Mobile Devices
  • Anti-Reflective Coatings
  • LED Lighting
  • Multi-Function Displays
  • Touchscreen Devices
  • CMOS Image Sensors
  • Photovoltaic/Solar Cells
  • Head Up Displays
  • Wearable Electronics

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