PetriDish: Fund the Science You Want to See Happen

Discover Magazine talks about Petridish.org, a new company which is aiming to be the Kickstarter for science. The company uses a crowdfunding model to provide money for new scientific projects.

Google and DOD on leading the charge for better buildings

The drive to make buildings greener has been spearheaded by some unusual sources, including the Department of Defense, which is applying new technology to its 300,000 buildings worldwide, and Google, which is focused on transforming its offices to improve employee health and productivity.

Diamond Brightens the Performance of Electronic Devices and LEDs

Two new studies performed at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have revealed a new pathway for materials scientists to use previously unexplored properties of nanocrystalline-diamond thin films.

Sci-Fi Handrails: LED Lights To Guide You In The Darkness

Amazing pictures of a new conceptual design for LED handrails that are visually stunning and practical.

Gamma Scientific News

NVIS LED and Night Vision Testing

Gamma Scientific offers a comprehensive line of instruments specifically designed for night vision testing, and can assist with all of your NVIS needs.

Optical Sensors from UDTi

Did you know that UDT Instruments, a Gamma Scientific company, produces precision optical sensors for photometry and radiometry? UDTi photometric sensors have an unsurpassed ability to match the human eye’s sensitivity to color, and each UDTi optical sensor includes a NIST-traceable calibration form our in-house laboratory.

Gamma Scientific is Hiring

If you are interested in solving complex technical problems and have a passion for Physics, Engineering or Optics we would like to hear from you. Visit our career page to learn about our new openings for a Calibration Laboratory Manager and Photometry Systems Engineer.

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