Energy Star Luminaires spec takes effect

LEDs Magazine writes about the new Energy Star Luminaire specifications that took effect on April 1st.

$50 ‘light bulb of the future’ goes on sale this weekend

Philips L-Prize winning LED bulb is set to go on sale to the public this weekend.

Introducing the New Symbol for LED Light and other Energy Efficient Technologies

Cree and the Noun Project have teamed up to create a new symbol that can be used to represent LED light.

Man Uses Physics to Fight $400 Traffic Ticket

NBC San Diego reports on a UCSD physicist who used his knowledge of physics to fight a $400 traffic ticket.

Where Do Space and Time Come From? New Theory Offers Answers, If Only Physicists Can Figure It Out

Physicists are wrestling with the Vasilev theory, a mathematically complex theory that posits the world consisting of an infinite number of fields.

Gamma Scientific News

SGS Expands LED Luminaire Testing to Include LM-79 Photometric Services

Gamma Scientific and SGS have partnered to provide a one-stop shop for manufacturers. SGS Consumer Testing Services, a leading global provider of verification, testing and certification services, announced an expansion of its solid state luminaire testing services in North America to encompass LM-79 photometric measurements through a partnership with Gamma Scientific

Gamma Scientific is Hiring!

We are currently looking to fill a number of positions in San Diego, California. Openings include: Senior Sales Manager, Engineering Manager, Product Line Manager, Photometry Systems Engineer and Calibration Laboratory Manager. Take a look at our careers section for qualifications, responsibilities and application information.

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