AR/VR Near-Eye Display

As the demand for near-eye displays in most commercial sectors is soaring, there is added burden on manufacturers to both design and test for high-quality displays in a quick time frame in order to capture the initial enthusiasm amongst customers. Errors in these devices may distract or harm the wearer's eyes or cause other issues in the virtual world. Near-Eye Display testing or Near-To-Eye display testing for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Head-Up Displays (AR, VR, MR, HUD) from Gamma Scientific offers manufacturers complete display measurement systems to uniquely characterize near-eye displays utilizing new technologies and adhering to standards outlined by the ICDM committee of SID and the IEC.

Gamma Scientific offers a range of AR/VR Near Eye Display Testing solutions, from high-resolution options to wide-field-of-view (WFOV) options. The patented design is ideal for a laboratory or production line environment.

Product Applications

NED-LMD E-Series

Near Eye Display Measurement System – HighRes Goniometric

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NED-LMD W-Series

Near Eye Display Measurement System – Wide Field of View

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Gamma Scientific is introducing the NED-LMD Waveguide Tester as the world’s first specialized near-eye displ

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