Test and Characterization General Lighting

General Lighting Standards

There are various general lighting standards that professionals must abide by. Whether you are a dentist, eye doctor, or anything in between, if you use light, you must follow these standards.

Here is the terminology for common lighting variables:


Determination of Spectral Properties - To identify the spectral (or color) properties of light sources, the MK350 Series spectrometers cover a wavelength range across the visible portion of the spectrum, or from approximately 380 to 780 nm. Units of measurement include: x/y, CIE, and CCT for applications such as academic research, light source manufacturing test, lighting equipment integrators and resellers, and lighting designers.


Flicker Measurement - Flicker is a frequency domain effect which manifests itself as a subtle pulsating or strobing phenomenon.  Though it is barely noticeable to the human eye, it can occur in all sources that emit light. Gamma Scientific products such as the MF250N, MK350N Premium & MK350S Premium enable high sampling rate flicker measurement in accordance with IES/ ASSIST / ENERGY STAR/ VESA requirements.  When used in conjunction with our uFlicker PC software (download here), an extensive range of analytics is available.  Understanding of flicker parameters is important in applications such as academic research, manufacturing test of lighting systems and lighting power supplies and health and safety determination in any installation environment.


Blue Light MeasurementMuch has been discussed about the harmful effects of "Blue Light", which refers to the visible blue region from approximately 400 to 450 nm (shorter wavelength region of blue). It is also referred to HEV (High-energy Visible) light and is suspected to be a cause of cellular damage in the retina and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).  Exposure to HEV at night has also been shown to suppress Melatonin (an important hormone affecting sleep patterns).  Blue light can be found in sunlight, but anything that is designed around LED sources, television and computer displays, and many lamp-based light sources can present a blue light hazard. 

Products such as the MK350N Premium with uSpectrum software (free download here) can be set to transmission mode, allowing the user to determine the HEV blocking percentage for products such eyewear, sunglasses or screen protectors.  The MK350S Premium, which includes the IEC TR 62778 Blue Hazard Measurement function, enables determination of emitted blue light from displays and applications which operate on various display devices.


Log Measurement - Expertise in the field of lighting design and installation requires an in-depth understanding of lighting stability over time.   The MK350S Premium provides a Log Function for long-term test and characterization. Alternatively, such values can be determined with our uSpectrum software (free download here) in the Log Mode function while connected to any of the MK350 Series products.  Up to 16 units can be operated for facility-wide characterization.  Application areas include academic research, lighting engineering, horticulture, and light source production process control.


Gamma Scientific performs testing and on-site calibration for lighting solutions. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your solution will meet general lighting standards. Contact us today.  


Product Applications

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The MK350N Premium is a lightweight, portable and easy-to-use spectral illuminance (lux) meter or spectral light meter.

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MK350S Premium Spectrometer

The MK350S Premium is a stand-alone, handheld multi-function spectrometer.

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