View Angle Test Solution

View Angle performance of Flat Panel Displays (FPDs) is very important as it is often impractical to view a display directly. The viewer should see the same high picture quality regardless of their viewing position and angle. Displays with poor view angle performance can show dramatic color shifts and also loss of contrast.  As such it is important to characterize view angle performance of displays both in R&D and in production. 

  • Well-suited for high color saturation or wide color gamut OLED, micro-LED, and quantum dot displays
  • USB 2.0 and RS232 SCPI command compliant and SDK/API library support

Custom models that measure more than 3 or 4 view angles simultaneously are also available.

Gamma Scientific’s line of Spectral View Angle Color and Luminance testers are spectrometer based systems that measures the true spectral content of the color. Unlike filter based solutions, Gamma’s spectral measurement systems produces true color measurements without filter related uncertainties and inaccuracies.



All display technologies show some variation in picture color quality with increasing view angles. Displays with good view angle color performance will stay fairly consistent through different viewing angles. Vice versa, displays with poor view angle color performance can show dramatic color changes as the view angle increases. Below is an example of how a display color can change when viewed at different angles. Note how red changes to purple at 45 and 60-degree angles.


  • Instead of approximating X, Y and Z tristimulus functions via a colorimeter, a spectrometer directly collects all spectral light energy and analyzes the intensity in a targeted wavelength range using standard CIE color analysis equations. Which provides information like:

    • Spectral or wavelength distribution and shift
    • Dominant or peak wavelength, FWHM
    • Color rendering index
    • How this characterization is changing as a function of angle
  • While the X, Y, and Z tristimulus of filter-based technology:
    • Is limited to Luminance and CIE, x, y
    • Is approximate and can lead to large errors
    • Sensitive to temperature and system linearity
    • Filters design for 1 type or 1 batch of silicon sensors and should not be used for another batch/type of silicon sensor



Product Applications

GS-1163 Multi-View Angle Spectroradiometer

The GS-1163 multi-view angle display spectrometer is designed to measure color and luminance at three different angles simultaneously.

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GS-1164 Multi-Angle Spectroradiometer

The GS-1164 View Angle Display Spectrometer system is designed to measure color

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GS-1290-DMS-RBT Robotic Goniometric Display Measurement System

The GS-1290-DMS-RBT series combine a 6-axis robot, our state-of-the-art GS-1290 spectroradiometer, and decades of software and integration expertise into an automated display measurement solution. 

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