Display Characterization and Production Testing

At Gamma Scientific, we provide solutions for a wide array of display measurement systems and testing to ensure accurate display evaluation and increase the productivity of production.

Displays today are widely used in many applications like smart devices, wearables, TVs, automotive/aircraft displays, exhibition displays, AR/VR/HUD displays, etc. For many devices, displays have become the primary part that interacts with the end-user, therefore its performance is critical to the success of a product.

Display technology is evolving very fast from traditional LCD technology. New technologies such as OLED, Quantum dots mini, and µLED significantly improves the viewing experience for higher resolution, wider color gamut, and increased contrast. Additionally, the display form factor is changing from rigid to flexible, curved, and even to stretchable, borderless, etc.

Accurate and efficient display characterization and testing helps ensure consistent product quality, improves supply chain efficiency, reduces production costs, and thus reduces the time to market. All of which translates to an optimized customer user experience.

With increasing color gamut, traditional display testing technologies using filter-based colorimeters are no longer adequate. Spectrometer based systems are required for accurate color and luminance measurements.