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Why the Automotive Industry Switched To LED Lights

The automotive industry is constantly changing. Manufacturers try to add exciting design features in every new model they create. One newer element that more vehicles are utilizing is LED lighting kits. After reading this article, you will better understand why the automotive industry switched to LED lights and the advantages that come along with the move.

How LED Is Used in The Military

How LED IS Used in The Military

Military officials must have plenty of tools at their disposal during combat. Of course, the government provides soldiers with weapons and armory. Yet, most people would be surprised to discover how important Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are in a war zone. This article will discuss how LED is used in the military and why it’s worth the investment.

How Do Our Eyes Compare To Cameras?

How Do Our Eyes Compare To Cameras?

Both eyes and cameras manipulate light to interpret certain images. However, there are significant dissimilarities between the two that are important to understand. This article will overview those differences and answer the question, how do our eyes compare to cameras? Upon reading, people should develop a newfound appreciation for their eyesight.

How Light Meters are Used in Dentistry

How Light Meters are Used in Dentistry

Dentists need to have several tools at their disposal to help their patients resolve issues. Dental professionals need drills, picks, and suction tools to maneuver around someone’s mouth. These experts also use devices known as a curing light to resolve a plethora of problems. However, as this article will show, a curing light is only as sufficient as the light meter that’s used to calibrate it. This piece explains how light meters are used in dentistry and why this equipment is invaluable to the field.

Why Luminance Is the Key Component of Color

Interpreting color is an incredibly complex process. There are several elements of color, including hue, saturation, and luminance. These three factors work in tandem to help the human brain interpret specific images. Although all concepts are crucial, this article will answer the question of why luminance is the key component of color.