GS-1160 Series Spectroradiometers

The GS-1160 Series of display measurement systems offer fast, accurate and repeatable display testing and characterization for all types of displays including LCD, LED, OLED, microLED, and Quantum Dot displays. The easy-to-use, compact, portable and lightweight comprehensive test systems coupled with LightTouch uSpectrum and uFlicker software provide near real-time measurements and insight for production, Quality Assurance, and R&D. The product line features handheld, benchtop, and multi-angle spectroradiometers to fit most application environments.

Accurate and Repeatable Display Measurement

  • Measures color, chromaticity, gamma, white balance, contrast, flicker and uniformity
  • Luminance measurement from 0.005 to 5,000 cd / m2
  • Color measurement in chromaticity including x/y/u’/v’, XYZ, x10, y10, u10 and v10
  • Wide range of flicker measurement, including JEITA, VESA, Contrast (min/max), RMS, time domain and FFT
  • Full spectral data capture and graphical display
  • Measurement speeds ranging from 100 µsec to 5 seconds
  • Automatic dark calibration


Configuration Options

Model Number

Description Features


Compact Handheld Spectroradiometer Touch-screen spectrometer with flicker meter


Compact Desktop Spectroradiometer Portable spectrometer with flicker meter


Multi-Angle Spectroradiometer 0,30,45, 60 degree measurement angles with flicker sensor


The GS-1160 spectroradiometer is a compact, high-speed and light weight spectrometer / flicker meter suitable for color and intensity measurement of all display types including LCD, LED, OLED and...
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The GS-1160B portable spectroradiometer is a compact and light weight spectrometer suitable for high-speed and accurate spectral measurements of displays. A flicker sensor is also included. The...
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The GS-1164 View Angle Display Spectrometer system is designed to measure color and luminance at four different angles. Color and Luminance measurements are made simultaneously at 0, 30, 45 and 60...
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The GS-1163 multi-view angle display spectrometer is designed to measure color and luminance at three different angles simultaneously. As part of the Vector line of multi-view angle display...
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