LambdaMeter Laser Wavelength and Power Meter

The LambdaMeter system represents a significant advancement in real-time wavelength measurements. Using a multi-channel photodiode system, the unit provides wavelength and power measurements without the use of an expensive array spectrometer or sensitive optical alignment.

Three photodiodes, each with an independent transimpedance amplifier circuit and 5 gain ranges for each channel, along with proprietary optical filtering techniques allows for wavelength accuracy of +/-0.25nm and repeatability of +/-0.01nm. Rock-solid stability and a reduced noise floor is achieved via a temperature stabilized feedback loop incorporating PID feedback.


Key Applications

  • Monochromator wavelength measurement
  • Real-time production testing for wavelength and amplitude
  • 940nm vcsel testing for facial recognition
  • LED device or wafer level test & characterization
  • Production line or laboratory use
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  • Sub-nanometer resolution and accuracy
  • Built-in thermal regulation for long-term stability and low noise floor
  • Data output via USB to Windows/OSX/Linux using included LambdaMeter application software
  • ASCII command set for simple device control
  • 5 adjustable transimpedance gain ranges and 24-bit ADC
  • On-board unit-specific calibration data
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by NVLAP (NVLAP lab code 200823-0) for calibration accuracy

Wavelength Range


365 to 1100 nm

± 0.25 nm

Custom configurations are available on request

Accuracy Specifications

Spectral Range

365 nm to 1,100 nm     (Short Wave Infrared options possible)

Wavelength Absolute Accuracy

± 0.50 nm

Wavelength Repeatability

± 0.01 nm

Irradiance Absolute Accuracy

± 1%

Irradiance Repeatability / Stability


Measurement Time

100 msec  typ

Electrical Specifications

Photodetector Channels

Optically filtered Silicon

Transimpedance Amplifier

Channel independent, shielded and temperature stabilized circuit

Gain Ranges per TIA Channel


General Specifications

Com Port

FTDI USB UART (virtual COM port)

Interface Protocol

Simple ASCII commands


USB to computer or tablet device


Height 160 mm, Width 90 mm, Depth 63 mm

Specifications are subject to change without notice