Lamp-based Calibration Light Sources

RS-12 DN Calibration Light Source
5000 FEL 1000-Watt Lamp Source
RS-15 Flex

Lamp-based calibration light sources from Gamma Scientific are used for optical calibration of light measurement instruments including spectroradiometers, photometers and radiometers. All of our calibration light sources meet rigid quality standards for use in the most challenging testing environments. A wide range of light sources is available to serve as precision standards of radiant flux and white-light standards of spectral irradiance or luminance.


Testing Applications:
  • Optical Calibration and Metrology
  • Spectroradiometer Calibration
  • Photometer Calibration
  • Radiometer Calibration
  • NVIS Compatibility Testing
The 5000 FEL 1000-Watt tungsten-halogen Lamp Source System provides absolute calibration of spectral irradiance from 250 to 2500 nm. The system can be configured simply as a lamp (bearing the ANSI...
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The Gamma Scientific model RS-15 Total Flux Calibration Light Source is a precision source of total radiant flux, used primarily to calibrate integrating spheres, light measuring instrumentation and...
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The RS-10D is a precision source of radiant flux, used primarily to calibrate light-measuring instrumentation and as stimuli to measure detection devices. To maintain constant output, tungsten...
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The RS-12D Series consists of NIST Traceable sources that can be used as white light standards of spectral radiance or luminance. The base unit is supplied as a calibrated source, with calibration...
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The RS-12DN is a NIST Traceable source that can be used as a white light standard of spectral radiance or luminance. The insertion of the filter/aperture assembly transforms the unit into an NVIS...
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