LED Test Systems

LEDs and microLED must be characterized and tested for brightness and color, for production quality control and also for R&D. 

Gamma Scientific delivers precise, repeatable, and high speed optical and electrical test solutions for all performance characteristics of LED and microLEDs, delivering reliable, cost effective and high performance test and characterization solutions for both laboratory and production environments.

Test system configurations available for R&D, Quality and high throughput Production testing.

  • Measurement of device output power (lumens & W) and stability
  • Spectral parameters including peak, centroid & dominant wavelength
  • Electrical parameters including LIV, VF, VR and IR
  • Wall plug efficiency
  • Chromaticity and CCT values including CIE x,y, CRI, HPBW
  • Rise / Fall time
  • Pulse mode and flicker characteristics
  • Production binning.
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