MF250N Flicker Meter


The MF250N Flicker Meter provides key metrics that lighting experts need to ensure light quality and to address Flicker and its associated health-related issues.  The MK250N is able to accurately measure flicker percentage from 1-100%.


Precision, Power and Portability in a Compact & Lightweight Package

  • Industry-leading Flicker measurement solution
  • Supports Flicker Index, Percent Flicker measurement
  • Meets IES/ASSIST/ENERGY STAR/VESA specification definition
  • Stand-alone operation, no need for smart phone or PC connection
  • Light flicker frequency measurement
  • Spectrum diagram; 5 light units-of-measure
  • Flicker time & frequency domain real-time monitoring



CMOS linear image sensor

Wavelength Range

380 to 780 nm

Wavelength Data Increment

2 nm

Spectral Bandwidth

15 nm                                     (half power bandwidth)

Wavelength Reproducibility

± 1 nm                                    (assumes stable input light source)

Measurement Range

70 to 70,000 lux

Illuminance  Accuracy (1)

±  5%

CCT Accuracy (1)

± 3.5%

CRI Accuracy at Ra (1)

± 2.5%

Stray Light

-25 dB maximum                     (550 ± 40nm monochromatic source)

Integration Time Range

6 msec to 1.2 sec                    

Digital Resolution

16 bit



Measurement Range

30 to 60,000 lux

Sampling Rate

5 kHz

Frequency Range

5 Hz to 2 kHz

Frequency Resolution

5 Hz

Flicker Accuracy

±  5%


System Configuration


240 x 320 (2.8 in) LCD

Maximum Files

2.7 million with 8 GB SD card, compatible with Excel®

Battery Information

4 AA Batteries (alkaline)

Data Interface

Micro SD card  (SD2.0.SDHC up to 32 GB)


180 mm (7.1 in) H x 65 mm (2.6 in) W x 30 mm (1.2 in) D                       280 g (10 oz) including battery

Language Options


Product Features

Capture Function


Operation Mode


Integration Mode


Standalone Measuring Modes

Basic            Spectrum                 Flicker                          FFT                                  Lightwave              Option

Measurement Capabilities

CCT              CRI, Ra  (R1-R15)     Illuminance (lux)        Flicker Frequency            Flicker %                    Flicker Index

Stroboscopic Effect Visibiliity (SVM)          Time of Waveform (Twave)             Integration Time (I-Time) Spectral Power Distribution (SPD)              Peak Wavelength (ƛP)              

(1)Illuminant A at 2,856 K at 20,000 lux                                                                                                   Specifications are subject to change without notice.