NED-LMD W-Series

Near Eye Display Measurement System – Wide Field of View

The world’s first wide field of view near-eye display light measurement device coupled with an integrated precision spectroradiometer that ensures single snapshot, high speed, high spectral accuracy characterization of AR, VR, MR and Heads-Up Displays. The benchtop instrument features a large 158deg field of view, motorized focus lens and a small 5mm entrance pupil to emulate the human eye. Its robust design and easy-to-use software with automated Device-Under-Test (DUT) Pass/Fail analysis allow it to be easily integrated on production lines.


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Measurement Capabilities

Center Color and Luminance

Luminance Uniformity

Color Uniformity

Color Gamut Area

Checkerboard Contrast

FOFO of Sequential Contrast

Image Geometric Distortion

Chromatic Aberration

Slant Edge MTF

Flicker & Response Time

Spectral Transmittance

Wide Field of View Telescope

Entrance Pupil Size

6mm standard

Fixed – 4mm, 3mm, 2mm options available

Camera Sensor

CMOS, 24MP, Color, dual stage TEC

6024 (H) x 4024 (V) pixels,

3.91um x 3.91um pixel size


USB 3.0



Lens Active Field of View

120deg (H) x 90deg (V)

Lens Distortion


Implemented correction

Lens Resolution

50 pixels/deg, >20% MTF


Focus Travel Range

0 to 4 D (0.25m to infinity)

Auto Focus capability

Polarization Sensitivity


Between s- and p-

Humidity, Temperature and Dust Control

Yes, suited for mass production environment

Lens Barrel Diameter


Dimension and
Universal Input

26.5” x 8.8” x 12.0”

100-240V AC, 3.0A

Integrated Spectroradiometer Specs


Used for high accuracy Color Calibration of the camera sensor pixels

Fiber length


Nominal Spectral Range

425nm to 700nm

Accuracy: +/-0.2nm



Spectral Bandwidth


Wavelength Accuracy


Luminance Measurement Range

10,000 Cd/m2 to 0.05 Cd/m2

Power Supply, Interface

15VDC, USB 2.0, USB 3.0