RadOMA Spectroradiometers for Display Testing


At Gamma Scientific, we carry a dependable line of RadOMA spectroradiometers. These spectroradiometers feature a proprietary optical design and back thinned CCD technology that provides exceptional low-light measurements, superior blue light sensitivity, and highly accurate measurements of wavelength, color, and power.

We offer a range of CCD Array and Dual Stage Cooled CCD Array spectroradiometers that can be configured for LED testing, display measurement, NVIS testing and reflectance measurement applications.

  • Multiple models covering UV, visible and near-IR wavelength ranges
  • Superior wavelength and color accuracy
  • Large dynamic range and low stray light
  • High sensitivity and spectral resolution
  • Exceptional accuracy via high-resolution bandwidth coverage

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RadOMA GS-1290 spectroradiometers provide a datapoint interval of 0.6 nm and are available in three wavelength ranges: 200 to 800 nm 360 to 1100 200 to 1100 nm 360 to 950 nm Applications Light source...
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RadOMA GS-1220 spectroradiometers provide a datapoint interval of 0.32 nm and are available in three wavelength ranges: 250 to 900 nm 360 to 900 nm 360 to 1100 nm Applications Light Source Testing...
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The RadOMAcam is a radiometric optical multichannel analyzer camera for use in conjunction with our GS-1220 and GS-1290 series spectroradiometers and S400 series optical power meters. It provides the...
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