191T Transmission Measurement System

Highly Accurate & Repeatable Transmission Measurements

  • Nondestructively capture complete spectral and colorimetric transmissive properties
  • Area of analysis ranging from 1 to 3 mm (specify at time of purchase)
  • Spectral transmission accuracy to ± 0.5%
  • Reported parameters including transmission as a function of wavelength and colimetric data

In addition to our exceptional technical and functional capabilities, Gamma Scientific is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by NVLAP (NVLAP lab code 200823-0).

191T Transmission Measurement Systems
191 Optical Head 191T
Measurement Type Total Transmission
Sample Types Glass or any polished transmissive element
Illumination Angle
Viewing Angle 2π (180°)
Minimum Sample Thickness None
Maximum Sample Thickness 15mm
Minimum Sample Size Ø 10mm
Maximum Sample Size 200mm x 200mm Panel
Illumination Spot Size
(Area of Analysis)
Ø 1mm, Ø 2mm, or Ø 3mm (user selectable at time of purchase)
Measurement Speed
(Sample Dependent)
Calibration Reference Standard BK-7 Polished Glass
Optical Head Dimensions Height: 350mm (13.75″)
Width: 205mm (8.0″)
Depth: 225mm (8.85″)
Weight: approx. 3.5kg (7.75lbs)
Measurement Accuracy
Spectral Transmission ± 0.5%
(CIE 1931 X, Y, Z)
± 0.05
(CIE 1931 x,y)
± 0.005
LAB Color
(CIE 1976 L*, a*, b*)
L* ± 2.0 a*, b* ± 0.8
Average Transmission ± 0.2
Reported Parameters
Spectral Data Transmission as a function of wavelength
Colorimetric Data CIE Tristimulus X, Y, Z, with 2° or 10° View Angle, (L*, a*, b*), (x, y), (u’, v’), and other parameters
Illuminant Weighting Illuminant A, Illuminant B, Illuminant C, Illuminant D65, or User Specified Custom Illuminant